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Thank you for visiting Northeast Washington Trends, an online community resource offering a centralized location to learn more about Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties. Approximately 130 indicators are highlighted, all are supported by trusted, reliable sources and are continually updated.

These measures were chosen by residents in the three counties through a careful process and represent the preferences of what to measure from the available data. As you begin to examine the eight main categories, we hope you find the information relevant and useful in your daily work and decision-making. Enjoy your visit!


Northeast Washington Trends exists to give the communities in Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties a way to assess how they are doing in key quality-of-life areas, such as education, health, and the environment. The Trends also seeks to improve local, public decision making by providing relevant data in an easily navigable website. The data are offered as neutral information for all parties involved in public policy issues.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • To collect and share a broad
  • spectrum of information to support informed decision making by individual community members, governmental policy makers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, researchers and the press.
  • To benchmark the Northeast Washington Trends against Washington State trends or other comparable communities to better understand our strengths and opportunities.
  • To enable analysis of these trends.

Our Approach

One of the challenges of developing the Northeast Washington Trends site is the regional nature of the many communities we serve in three different counties. Many volunteers participated in 7 focus groups to determine the top indicators in each category. In determining which data sets would be used, the following guidelines were followed:

  • Selected by members of the community

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Nestled in the northeast corner of Washington State, just below the Canadian Border and directly to the west of the Idaho State line are Washington's Tri-Counties: Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens.

Mostly rural with a combined population of just over 65,000 residents, the Tri-Counties area is surrounded by a seemingly endless number of mountains, rivers, and lakes. National Protected Areas including the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, the Colville National Forest, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, and portions of the Kaniksu National Forest and Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge are all located in our home, the Tri-Counties of Washington State.

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0.1.1 - Total Population and Annual Growth Rate: Population growth reveals much about a community. Popular communities experience high rates of growth, bringing wanted economic benefits. In many cases, however, growth can also lead to concerns over traffic, the environment and essential services such as education. Locations experiencing slow rates of population growth, or even depopulation, may face fiscal difficulties and a downward spiral of further population loss, especially of their youth. more information